Targeted Threat

We help you minimize the digital risks by identifying data loss and leaks, securing your brand on
the Internet and reducing the attack surface.


Tier1 Analysts
Tier2 Analysts
Incident Response Team

Perimeter Monitoring

Misconfigured Devices
Certificate Issues
Open Ports

Data Loss detection

Leaked Information
Third Party Exposure

Online Brand Protection

Domain Manipulation
Phishing Detection
Automated OSINT

Real-Time Intelligence

Our technology collects and analyzes vast amounts of data to deliver relevant cyber threat insights in real time.
Alerts are reported in real-time with integration to the communication channels you prefer, such as Telegram, Email, Slack and more.

Meet DigitalHunter - Digital Assets Protection

Proofint DigitalHunter minimizes digital risk by detecting unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats. We track billions of data sources, domain registrations, social networks, blogs, closed forums, dark web and recently issued certificates on every corner of the internet which we can bring information related to your brand.