PROOF FEED - Threat Intelligence Feed

Proof Feed provides enriched and contextualized threats indicators delivered in an all-in-one feed


The Proof-Feed empowers security operation and network security teams with the generic data they need to address threats efficiently, without chasing false positives. 
The feed is organized in the structure of a security event so that your analysts get context data and not just a list of IP addresses.
To get more relevant information for your organization, Proof Feed correlates the events with our DigitalHunter verified alerts. Proof feed delivered to you threat data from open, private and closed sources.


Get relevant IOC's for your company sector

Automotive, Bank, Accounting, Arts, Biomedical, Casino, Construction, Development, Diplomacy, Energy, Finance, Game, Gas, Government, Health, Hospitality, Hotels, IT, Journalist, Military, Oil, Pharmacy and much more.

Feed your SIEM with Proof Feed

Proof Feed helps your organisation clean up malicious activity earlier in the kill chain by identifying network activity bound for known command and control servers or dynamically block the latest phishing domains on your email gateway. 
All events are stored in a dedicated S3 Bucket and ready to read by any system in your organization.

Prevent the next data breach

Proactively block potential malicious activity in your network by using the latest information on malicious malware hashes, IPs, URLs, emails, BTC, filenames and domains uncovered across the globe in real-time.

Speed up your security operations

Leverage Proof Feed to speed up your research, quickly identify potential threats and blacklist any communications or connection requests from malicious sources. Empower your analysts with an intel-driven approach to SecOps and free up their time to produce better informed actions and improvements to defensive architecture.